We are a boutique gym dedicated to women. Our goal is to empower you to achieve your fitness/wellness goals, in a safe and supportive environment, so you can feel fabulous inside and out.

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Inner Sanctuary

Your post lockdown health

If you’ve let your health slide during the pandemic, don’t be hard on yourself. You are not alone, may struggled emotionally throughout not having their normal routine of going to work, socializing and going to their fitness facility to take care of themselves mentally and physically.

It’s easy to go off track in a pandemic when your lifestyle comes crashing down. So you may be feeling a bit flat and heavier than when COVID19 started.

Most importantly be kind to yourself. Maybe taking care of your health got put on the back burner over the past year. It isn’t that bad, it’s okay. Now is the time to make slow, steady changes to get back on track, or to even get your health and wellbeing in a better spot than it was before the pandemic and to prepare us for any future disruptions if we have to suddenly go back into lockdown.

To get your lifestyle back on track, take it slowly. “It can be easy to feel anxious if you are not meeting the expectations you have set for yourself. Start by setting small achievable goals on a weekly. Having a plan of action can really help you to be motivated and feel and see you are accomplishing change.”

We recommend starting out by exercising for 20-30 mins a day start with walking and some stretches till you feel more self-confident and feel a difference in you fitness and energy levels to be able to join a fitness class.
For healthy eating, set goals around eating smaller meals or fewer carbohydrates and make changes gradually. Don’t worry about the scale be guided by yow your clothes are fitting and how incredibly happy you are feeling. . If you are making positive changes to diet and exercise, you will be healthier even if you’re not seeing a weight change. Trust in that every change you make no matter what you are contributing to an overall healthier lifestyle to create a healthier you. Don’t under estimate keeping your body hydrated by replenishing with water it has so many benefits and also helps you to not overeat.

Once you’re exercising and eating healthier choices and options then if you need you can focus on your sleep which in fact will improve anyway due to exercising and eating better. Your stress and anxiety levels will improve and you will want to do more things to help you to self-care to self-LOVE.

Exercise also benefits mental health by being healthy not just in the body but more importantly the mind meaning you feel better and more self-confident about yourself.

We are here for you every step of the way, if this gels with you then don’t wait any longer get in touch with us.