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Inner Sanctuary


It’s not always easy to remain in a HIGH VIBING STATE where we are putting 100% good vibrations into the Universe.

Some tips on how to remain in that state.

  1. The most important relationship you can have is with yourself.
  2. Having gratitude creates your attitude
  3. What you put into the Universe is what you get back.

It’s not always easy to remain in a high vibe state, life throws us lots of curve balls that will always happen it’s what state of mind we are in at the time as to how we handle these difficult situations.

We can not expect always to remain in that positive state as life experiences can be harsh and knock us for a six. It’s how quickly we can rise above the situation, deal with the emotions and get back into that state where we feel good and love all over ourself.

We can control of our beliefs, thoughts and actions. We have a choice to stay in a good mood or bad or happy or sad we get to choose our words we speak and think. We can control our actions with our thoughts.

We can’t always expect to be perfect we have feelings of sadness, madness and hurt the trick is not to allow these feelings to linger for too long to get back into that high vibing state where you only experience LOVE.

Staying in a high vibing state can bring us calmness in stressful situations like driving in peak hour traffic, or when someone cuts you off or when your dog eats another pair of your favorite undies or you get a flat tyre or held up in an accident when that is really a blessing cause it could of been you.

When we are operating in a high vibing state 3 things are happening

  1. We are loving on ourself enabling us to feel love for others
  2. We have a good attitude because we feel gratitude
  3. What we are omitting into the Universe is what we are getting back positive thoughts & expectations make things magically happen in our favor. Like your dream job, body, partner or holiday simply appears or seems far more possible.
  4. We can manage to change our negative thoughts and feelings into positives ones and feel in control of difficult situations.

Having gratitude creates our attitude!


I woke up tired this morning.


I am so thankful I got to wake up breathing this morning.


I am unhappy with my body.


My body is amazing and I will do better to treat it well by fueling it better and taking good care of it.


I can’t be bothered working today.


I have a job and I will be thankful for that and change my attitude to it until I can find something that I am passionate about.

Damn I’m stuck in traffic due to a bloody accident


I am thankful I’m stuck in traffic and I’m not involved in that accident.

We can choose to focus more on the good things in life and not do much on the bad things that happen.

Things to do to keep you high vibing:

  • Eat healthy nutritious delicious fuel
  • Exercise your body to rock out your best self confidence
  • Think positive thoughts
  • Think before you speak
  • Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Spend time on self care

The most important thing in life- is to enjoy it ….. to be happy it’s all that matters.

Only we can change our life no one can do it for us.

Life doesn’t require that we have the best only that we try our BEST!!!

LOVE ❤️🦋