We are a boutique gym dedicated to women. Our goal is to empower you to achieve your fitness/wellness goals, in a safe and supportive environment, so you can feel fabulous inside and out.

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Inner Sanctuary

5 key pillars to overall wellbeing.

  1. HEALTHY EATING – has a positive impact on our life and regular  healthy eating of well balanced meals contributes to sustained weight maintenance , better moods, increased energy levels and a better quality of overall wellbeing.
  2. BODY MOVEMENT – isn’t just for mental and physical health and wellbeing it improves moods and self confidence, aids in weightloss or maintaining weight combined with healthy eating habits and shapes and strengthens our bones and muscles..
  3. HYDRATION – our body is about 60% water. For our body to function at its optimal water plays an important role in hydrating, lubrication and is vital to flush out toxins and many other functions like controlling body temperature. It keeps us from feeling sluggish, prevents loss of memory and helps improves posture. Your body loses water though sweating, breathing and digestion and keeps our skin, eyes and mouth moist. We need 1 litre to every 20kgs for transportation of nutrients, oxygen and waste.
  4. SLEEP – is just as important as all of the other pillars it has positive effects on your hormones, exercise performance, brain function and weight control. You produce the most growth hormone while sleeping which helps burn fat as well as repair and build muscle  to increase strength and weightloss. A sleep deprived body produces the stress hormone cortisol and can trigger the reward centre of your brain causing you to crave food. Prioritize sleep make your bedroom a sanctuary you look forward to relaxing in.
  5. SELF LOVE – plays a major role in your life. When applying self love you create your best self emotionally and physically. Its common sense that you will deal with every aspect of life confidently and mentally strong. Self care isn’t being selfish is called survival.

For more of an insight to balance these 5 pillars lets chats about our signature FAB5 program.